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On the eleventh day of Christmas. . .

. . . my zoo love gave to me:

Eleven little ducklings!

(the weird shape on the right is the shadow of someone else taking a pic . . . taken at the San Diego Zoo.)

11 little ducklings

Ten funky flamingos!

(Yes, flamingos are inevitable because they come in large numbers. These are at the San Diego Zoo.)

10 funky flamingos

9 giant cave cockroaches!

Taken at the Montreal Insectarium. They had some at the San Diego zoo too.

9 cockroaches

Eight lipizzaners!

Who just happen to be dancinghorse's dancing horses. :>) Pooka, Capria, Carrma, Pandora, Camilla, Khepera, Tia, and Ephiny.

Pooka Capria2 Carrma2 Pandora Camilla Khep2 Tia2 Ephiny

Seven silver fishies!

Taken at Sea World. I dunno what they are.
7 silver fishies

Six dung beetles!

Taken at the San Diego Zoo in Elephant Odyssey.
6 dung beetles

Five Montreal orchids!

These were taken in the greenhouse at the Jardin Botanique in Montreal.

5 Montreal orchids

Four unborn sharks! Taken at Sea World San Diego.

4 shark purses

Three Tiger Cubs,

(This is Menderu, Jin and Seri at the San Diego Zoo. Click the above link to find out more about them. Video, too!)
3 tiger cubs

Two Elephants,
(These are Devi and Tembo at San Diego Zoo's Elephant Odyssey.)

2 elephants

and a peacock strutting in the street!

1 peacock


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Dec. 23rd, 2009 06:32 pm (UTC)
Yeah! One more day!
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