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Long overdue lesson neep

Here's me and my ridin' hoss, Khepera, courtesy of dancinghorse.

(I need to sit up straight. This bugs me. :>p )

It's odd getting used to Khep, because he's skinnier and a smaller mover than the other two I ride, Carrma and Pandora. Carrma just likes to GO, but she's doing much better on turning and things. Pandora's generally good with whatever, but it takes a lot longer for her to take a step than it does Khep, which gives me a lot of time to think about what I'm doing.

And with Khep, less is more. Meaning that once in a while I do have to kick him to get him to go, but when he goes, it doesn't take much movement at all to get him to turn or keep going.

This is me thinking hard. Move the leg less often, otherwise it's just static. And of course that's leg as in calf, not leg as in heel. Arrggh. And look, Khep is thinky too. He's not used to carrying greenies, so we're both learning from each other.

And don't forget the reins. Khep wears the western saddle, which makes me hold my hands too high because the saddlehorn sticks up and I think it's closer to my hands than it is. And keep the tension. Outside rein. Don't crank his head. Just turn him a little. I think we managed one decent circle. :>)

This was the hard part and still is. S is working with Khep, getting him to be bendy and go "Throat latch, shoulder, release," with a tap on the butt to get him to go forward. And I'm trying to turn appropriately, which means turning the torso but keeping the head centered with the torso, and I keep psyching myself out with that. Arrggh. Turn? No, I feel stiff, I does. And I tense up when I turn, which makes Khep tense. And when I relax he does. But it's much easier said than done.

I have another lesson Thursday. Whee! Khep enjoys it, and he's a very good and smart pony (even if he is occasionally evil.)

And Carrma's pretty much back to her old self, which makes us both happy. We'll try trotting a bit next ride. She wants to GOOOO!

(Here's my girl. Same shirt, but several months ago.)

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