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Two woohoos!

First woohoo: Hey, look, the Lambda Literary folks have my pic up along with those of all my classmates for the LGBT Emerging Writers Retreat. Two weeks. EEEEEEE! No, Orossy's not done. Nowhere near. I suppose I'm letting it sit now until I get there and hopefully something will click and I can move. Been working on edits for the Carina book, anyhow, and I have eleven stories to crit for the workshop. EEEEE!!!

Second woohoo: Hey, look what's out!

Evidently, it's an "LGBT Paranormal Urban Fantasy." You can buy it and read an excerpt here.

Amun, born with the gift of seeing the auras of other fae, is on a mission to aid his lover Loridan, the ailing fae prince. While there, Amun finds Shane, a young fae with gifts for both healing and sexuality who apparently has only one thought in his head: to get Amun naked and in his bed.

But Amun doesn’t have time for Shane despite his deep attraction. He’s busy searching for the madman who is corrupting nature by introducing fae gifts to humans and killing Loridan in the process. He’s also preoccupied with the knowledge that while Loridan won’t touch him anymore, the prince apparently has no problem inviting Shane into his bed.

Shane won’t give up on sleeping with Amun, but by the time Amun realizes how much he loves Shane, it’s too late. Amun must go on a desperate search to save both Shane and Loridan while struggling to accept the first rule of the fae: to be true to one’s own nature.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Dubious consent, exhibitionism, male/male sexual practices, ménage (m/m/m), multiple partners, violence.
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