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Writing and Horses

So. Publisher took Demon Story 2. Yay! And my editor just sent me a bunch of good notes on it, because it still needs some work story-wise. Sent in a proposal for Demon 3 and have to work on that one more too. And edits for the deer story should be here soon. Yikes. I'm feeling like a real writer now, what with all the juggling edits and deadlines and such. But this means three e-books out next year, two under one name, the deer story under Nica.

Orossy/Oroshi is. . .on hold. Meant to at least get an outline done for Nanowrimo. Got distracted by Demon 3. Ah, well. I'm still writing about Orossy everywhere but IN Orossy.

And, about three weeks ago, dancinghorse rescued the lovely Ms. Gabriella, who needed a home, like, ASAP, and she's Ephiny and Tia's mom and had been here before. So, behold, fabulous #9:


And, just 'cause I was out taking pics, here are a couple more favorites:

Two-legged Tia!


And, angles:

Gabriella, Tia, Ephiny

Gabriella and dancinghorse

Gabriella, J
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